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Before you bring home a living being, of any type or breed, you will reflect that commitment throughout his life and in the same manner today as tomorrow will need your affection, your time and your care. Having a pet is both infinite joy and renunciation and sacrifice, then you have to think that if organize the holidays will be a problem, it's not cat's fault, but yours because you had to think about it before taking the kitten!!!
That said, what there is to know before bringing home a kitten is that:
  • Will be given only when it is fully independent of the mother, so not before 85-90 days.

  • When you bring home the baby will have already received 2 trivalent vaccines from our veterinary center, so you just have to do the booster vaccine after 1 year.

  • The kitten must continue with the diet he had in the cattery, so stock some. If you then decide to change food, we are pleased to advise you of other feed quality (not allowed supermarket ones, and never give table food!). But be aware that the change must be done in a gradual way, not to create problems to the kitten.
  • We recommend to buy a medium-high cat tree, where the cat can have fun, scratch, and vent its energy, even to prevent rashes with wallpaper! Forget about those few inches high, not only the cat does not entertain, but will destroy them in no time. Buy one at least 4 feet high, with holes and seats for sleeping: a very welcome gift!

  • It is not allowed for our cats to get in touch with the outside world, so no balconies, terraces and gardens. Remember that a simple fence, which can hold a dog, it's useless against a cat. If you want to keep the cat outdoors, you must first close terraces and balconies (or garden) and a network for the entire top so that, climbing, the cat can not escape. We understand that it may seem cruel, but we assure you that finding your cat run over by a car, sick because he ate somthing poisoned, bitten by a dog (or other) is not a fair compromise. Therefore, this rule is to preserve the health of your pet.

  • When you think of taking a Maine Coon, all equipment must be purchased accordingly to his size: do not buy a mini transport box thinking about the kitten! The kitten will grow and soon you will be forced to throw the box because the cat will be bigger then it. Better yet, a model with wheels, so I can carry without fatigue.

  • Prepare some toys so that the kitten can spend hours in your absence: they are like balls with rattle inside, or canes with a feather atop, or mice plush and other small items that you will find at any pet store.

These are the key things that is good to know. As for the food, we are fundamentally against homemade food for one reason: you cannot know if in what you cook, even if it's done only for him, there are all the vitamins, minerals and protein they need every day. It's much better to opt for ready-made foods, and just of excellent quality.

Another important thing is to find a veterinary center before the arrival of the kitten. Better to choose a veterinary center that offers 24-24h continuous assistance throughout the year, because unfortunately we can not know when we need it most. You can ask your vet to show you the entire laboratory, in order to verify the level of cleanliness and hygiene. Despite the kitten you take home has been monitored throughout his permanence in the cattery, and checked by the veterinary center of our confidence at the time of vaccination, we suggest you to bring the kitten to a vet to make a general physical examination as soon as you take home: this is to exclude any latent diseases for which we certainly respond.

Some houseplants, harmless for us, are highly toxic to cats. Click below to view the table of most of the types of poisonous plants and symptoms in the cat.

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